Capricorn Horoscopes

Thursday, Mar 27th, 2008 —

Your data connection has increased in speed and it may be a struggle to keep up with what you receive. It could feel as if you need to reestablish your authority, but with so much information at your disposal, you don't know where to begin. Keep in mind that you don't have to strengthen your ego by pretending that you know everything. You'll get further if you simply trust in the truth as you learn it.

Friday, Mar 28th, 2008 — You may be so hyped up that you cannot settle down enough the see what's on you front door. This is like the passing of the torch; you are at the end of one phase and the start of something new, even if it feels like you are just returning to the past. Don't worry; you won't slip back in time, for something has irrevocably changed. Once the dust has settled, you'll be able to sink into the hard work that lies ahead.



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